Collaborative for Recovery Dialogue

The Collaborative for Recovery Dialogues fosters dialogue between professionals and the people they work with to promote mutual respect and understanding by allowing honest discussion about their individual experience with the behavioral health service system, their roles in that system, and, most importantly, their relationships with each other. In addition, the CRD directly sponsor dialogues or consults with agencies or groups who want to conduct their own dialogues (i.e. law enforcement agencies, religious/spiritual organizations, etc.). The CRD also facilitates dialogues between service users, stakeholders, and practitioners as an opportunity to share ideas on how to improve behavioral health services.

Collaborative for Recovery Dialogue Co-Chairs:

Wes Sowers

Sarah Goldstein


3rd Friday of each month at 12:30pm

DHS Human Services Building, Homestead-Grays room, 1 Smithfield St.

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