Recovery Walk 2017

Posted on February 26, 2018

Recovery Walk 2017


On September 17th, 2017, ACCR participated in the second annual Pittsburgh Recovery Walk which aims to dispel stigma against those in recovery from addiction. The Recovery Walk is held in September as part of National Recovery Month and is a free event open to anyone who has been affected in some way by addiction.






As a sponsor of the walk, ACCR was represented by a booth in Market Square, where the community would end their walk that started at the Strip District. In thinking about how ACCR could give back to our community, we decided to focus on recognizing the vital role that first responders play in saving the lives of those affected by addiction. To do this, we wanted to thank them by creating posters that have written messages on them from members of our community, recognizing their hard work and life-saving services. Some participants wrote messages to a specific first responder that saved their life from an overdose; others thanked our first responders for saving a family member or a friend of theirs. Two posters were filled up with messages of hope, love, and appreciation for the vital role these men and women play in our fight against this deadly epidemic.

ACCR would like to thank Jessica Williams from the Institute for Research, Education & Training in the Addictions and the Pittsburgh Recovery Walk steering committee members for their assistance and support for allowing us to participate in supporting our first responders and community by shining a light on recovery from mental illness and addiction.



-Written by Lacey, QI Member